We offer consulting services to every and any sector as a way to help with a web design and development strategies, as well as to provide you with professional workable ideas that will help make your business astounding and grow faster than expected.


Web / Graphics Design

Since our inception, we have strived to live in and communicate with designs. Our design solutions are creative, exceptional and communicate your vision and message to the target audience. Dy Consultant prides itself on it's high quality designers who deliver only the best graphic design services.



We work to define a brand strategy, establishing what a business stands for, its purpose and values in simple, compelling terms. We translate this into a differentiating positioning. For businesses dealing with a complex structure or portfolio of products we design a correspondingly clear brand architecture.


2D & 3D animation

We provide high quality 2D & 3D animation services ranging from animated short films to 2D & 3D animated comics. We assist the marketing, gaming and entertainment industry etc. With a wide range of 2D & 3D animation services.


Seminars and Workshop

We organize seminars and workshops that helps us train your staffs and students in various I.T courses.


SSP (Student School Package)

This is a package for primary and secondary schools that will help prepare the students with a foresight of information Technology and possible what they will end up becoming in the nearest future. This package is included as a part of the school fuctioning and existing clubs like JET CLUB, LDDS, and GIRLS GUIDE. The name of the club is D-Tech Club; were all students will be educated and taught various I.T skills to equip them. It is more of pratical than theory, because we want every one of them to be updated with the latest trend as a world is turning into a GLOBAL VILLAGE.


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